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Through “Robert’s Massage”, I have devoted over 20 years learning and developing massage techniques that help the body become pain-free and more mobile.  There are hundreds of different ways to massage the body, some ancient, some modern, and some a fusion of both.  The body often changes from massage to massage, even from minute to minute during the session itself.   During the session I can feel the changes taking place, and I respond in kind.  It’s a dance between the client and myself in real time.  Fortunately the changes are in the direction of less pain, more flexibility, and greater strength and balance.

It’s not just about me going through a rote procedure and hoping for the best, it’s about me reacting to your body’s needs with very specific solutions.

Finish Healing Old Injuries

When a person complains of a tight or painful shoulder, a sore back or a stiff neck, old injuries are usually the problem. Something happened 10, 20, or 30 years ago, and the present problem may be rooted in that old injury. When the doctor says there’s nothing wrong, but it still hurts, that’s my world. That’s usually trauma in soft tissue – muscle and connective tissue – and it just needs to be released.

Is this you?

“I lifted something heavy and twisted. That was 15 years ago. Ever since then, my back’s been hurting. I went to the doctor but they didn’t find anything.”

Release of Stress

I’m all about release.  A tight muscle is a weak muscle.  Strength often returns after the muscle is released.  Getting rid of the tightness is my forte.  People of all ages can use this kind of treatment.  Even kids get stressed out, and it shows up in the body.   One would think that a child would be so flexible that nothing would bother him or her.  That’s why it’s a surprise to find holding patterns already manifest in their backs and shoulders.  Of course, it should not be a surprise after seeing them going to school with those backpacks!
Get Back Into Action With Robert's Massage!

Mostly I see age 50 and up. That’s the age when one is no longer willing to ‘power through’ the pain. Upon assessment, it usually goes back to that fall in high school, or that car accident at age 25. Yes, those traumas stay in the body. It probably won’t show up on the MRI, but it’s there. So the 60 year old starts working out at the gym, and that old pain shows up again – that same pain that kept the person from working out in the first place. My work is designed to release those old injuries so that the person can become more active again.

The Body Heals Itself

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Sometimes it just needs a little help along the way. I use primarily three different massage techniques to help the body along: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Ortho‑Bionomy®.  I use these three modalities because they work.  They respect the intelligence of the body, they are done in real time, and for the most part are gentle and pain-free.

Thinking Outside the Box

I have been called ‘eclectic’, and that’s fine by me. I bring creativity, awareness, and loving care to the session. I want my clients to be more mobile, have less pain, and be more physically and emotionally free. I educate my clients so that they understand the body, how it works, and how it can heal. In some cases I show clients how to work on themselves.

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