Robert Sherman, Certified Massage Therapist


Robert Sherman is a Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist. Robert employed the services of a Life Coach to help him find his true passion after moving to San Diego from the East Coast in 1998. He had been in business-to-business sales for over 20 years, and he was ready for a major change. Since his teens, Robert had been actively involved in various forms of meditation and yoga, so his transition to bodywork was not a complete surprise to anyone. In 2001 he enrolled in a basic bodywork class and knew right away that this was his calling.

Robert Sherman's BodyworkRobert has been blessed with caring and skilled teachers who have empowered him to learn techniques that don’t just help people recover from injuries and trauma, but which truly evoke the best possible well-being and physical health you can have. In addition to learning standard relaxation techniques, Robert has studied at the feet and sides of master therapists and doctors, learning several major medical therapeutic techniques as well. His powerful blending of all of these incredible skills, combined with over a decade of literally hands-on experience, bring a very potent and spiritually as well as physically compelling. All three allow him to find the source of the pain and then dissolve the restrictions in as gentle a manner as possible. For Robert, the bodywork session is not just a physical therapy, it is a spiritual experience.

Robert’s Wife, Katherine

Robert’s wife, Katherine, is a Spiritual Counselor and Coach. She is an angel.

Robert's Wife Katherine