A Tailbone Tale

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Tales of the TailIt never ceases to amaze me that pain in the neck, shoulders and back could be coming from a trigger point in the area of the tailbone. Just this last week I worked with a lady in her 50’s who was experiencing both hip and neck pain. I did all the usual treatment protocols, but she still did not get any relief. When that happens I ask more questions.

It turns out that when she was a teenager she fell hard on her tailbone. Nice clue! So very gingerly I got her permission to check her tailbone. All nice and proper of course, through the sheet, and to the touch she did experience discomfort on the tip of her tailbone. Not surprisingly, at least to me, when I touched her tailbone she felt intense discomfort in her hip right where it usually hurts at night. Bingo! A trigger point on the tailbone with referred pain in the hip.

I continued the treatment for another ten minutes, and after the session she felt loose and free. “I feel like I’m floating….”

This is a perfect example of an old injury wreaking havoc for 40 years, and getting taken care of within just a few sessions.