POTS Success

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POTS SuccessI’ve been working with a lady who has a little-known condition known as POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). When a person with POTS stands up from a lying down position he/she gets lightheaded due to a sudden change in blood pressure and heart rate. Often a person with POTS will also experience leg cramping due to poor circulation of the blood.

My client came to me this week experiencing severe leg cramping along with heartburn on the right side. She was very tired from not sleeping due to the leg cramps at night. Nothing was helping – magnesium, tissue salts, electrolytes.

As I was assessing her condition I found that her belly area was rock-hard on the right side of her belly (psoas muscle). Often when the belly area is tight a person will experience lower back pain and sciatic-like symptoms down the legs. So with great care I worked at softening this area. As I worked, she reported strong sensations in her lower back and legs. As the muscles in her belly softened, the referred pain in her back and legs lessened. The key to POTS success was in perfect Trigger Point Therapy!

After the treatment she stood up from being on the massage table. The leg cramping was gone and the heartburn was almost gone. She looked much more relaxed and at ease.

The next day she reported that she had had a very restful night – over 6 hours of undisturbed sleep with no leg cramping, and her heartburn was gone.

I do not know if this kind of work would help others with POTS, but I sincerely hope that those with this condition will find a competent massage therapist and give it a try.